Eldulani is a platform focused on aging reversal prospects primarily to rid us humans of aging; where in actual sense aging is a range of pathologies coupled with tissue malfunction.


As noble as aging is to many, it goes not without life crippling conditions; from immune suppression, to cognitive malfunction as well as physical impairment. Not fun at all. It is a consensus in the scientific community that these malfunctions are as a result of cellular malfunction or the accumulation of damage. For example aging is accompanied by:

  • Accumulation of senescent cells
  • Accumulation of abnormal proteins such as lipofuscin, amyloids, 7-ketocholesterol
  • Replication of abnormal cells which is cancer
  • Mitochondrial malfunction

Fascinatingly however is the fact that our complex bodies were designed to carry out self-maintenance and prevent accumulation of damage. For example

  • Senescent cells are removed by our immune system
  • Cancerous cells are prevented from replicating through cell cycle arrest
  • Abnormal proteins are degraded by the UPR mechanism
  • Damaged mitochondria are eliminated by a process known as mitophagy


As such aging means that there is an error or highly decreased efficiency in our self-maintenance mechanisms. It is as if some workers just quit. These workers don’t just come from anywhere. They are encoded by our genes. The only way these workers can quit is if our DNA is damaged and the base sequence for encoding these proteins is corrupted.

It is a guarantee that DNA damage happens to all of us. In fact depending on individuals, DNA damage can occur anywhere from 10,000 to a million times everyday. This is caused by internal as well as external factors some of which we have no control over. However do not panic just yet because our bodies can repair damaged DNA through a mechanism known as DNA damage response (DDR).

So if DDR is present why do we accumulate damage? Well DNA damage is stochastic. It can occur anywhere anytime unpredictably. This leaves a loop hole in that our DDR genes are also susceptible to damage. Therefore damage occurring to any other part of the DNA (except our DDR genes) can be repaired. But if damage, whose nature implicates it to be repaired by the same DDR gene it has affected occurs, it goes unrepaired. Any damage that occurs thereafter then goes unrepaired and we start accumulating damage.

Eldulani, in conjunction with Matrix Labs is focused on repairing genes involved in the DDR pathways to reverse aging.

To understand more of this read our article on what causes aging. Here you shall find specific DDR genes that when damaged result in precisely the aging phenotype.


We invite researchers from across the world, scientist or no scientist, to work together in this project. Working together enables us to go far while still going fast.

We also invite community support through donations to develop our research and make aging reversal a reality. This break through will also inevitably be applicable in treating aging like diseases such as progeria.